Montag, 27. September 2010

Siriusmo - Die Rockwurst (some fine Dubstep)

dope shit!

sascha nordmeyer: communication prosthesis

communication prosthesis is a unique object designed by sascha nordmeyer which aims to communicate
for its user. the object is a small, rigid red circle which is inserted into a user’s mouth. once installed,
the prosthesis holds the mouth open and forms strange expressions. nordmeyer describes the project
as a research concept that is ‘the ultimate communication tool’. in addition to the device itself,
nordmeyer also created this series of photographs featuring various professionals such as a politician,
a midwife, a craftsman and an actress wearing the prosthesis. the pictures and the prosthesis are both
available in limited editions.

Freitag, 3. September 2010

Datsik - Southpaw (hard dubstep track) [HQ]

heb phun

Another oil rig explosion, and the science of dispersants

Another oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded today. All crew members survived. Right now, nobody knows whether or not the explosion caused a leak in any of the seven wells that the rig collects from. There have been reports of an oil slick on the water near the fire, but that could just as easily be from the finite amount of oil stored on the rig—which would still a spill, but a significantly less problematic one.
Other than that, there's not really much information out about this right now. If anybody's learned anything from Deepwater Horizon it seems to be that you're better off, PR-wise, if you don't have to correct everything you say two days later.
To give you something to chew over in the meantime, though, Deep Sea News has been doing a really interesting series on the science (such as it is) of oil dispersants. It's interesting, not just because of the basic facts, but also because it gets into the details of why we don't know more.

Additional Information: OP is a Fag and always will be, lulz.

Hurricane Earl IV

Xeni posted a great NASA image of the 2010 Hurricane Earl earlier this afternoon, which got me hunting around for some information on Hurricane Earls past. After all, this is not the first Earl. There've been three others, as well as some lesser Tropical Storms of the same name. The naming lists for these things are used again every seven years, and individual names are only retired after they've been attached to a particularly damaging storm. Earl, so far, has not.
When the names do get retired, replacing them isn't easy. According to Time magazine, there's a whole list of types of names that aren't allowed. Over the years, the meteorologists in charge of naming have resorted to flipping through the weirder end of baby name books and adding friends' names to the list.
Time: How are hurricanes and tropical storms named?
Above: Hurricanes Earl and Danielle in their 1998 incarnations.